Daydream: Forgotten Sorrow Daydream: Forgotten Sorrow
An atmospheric adventure game with a touching story
An action-adventure about a boy named Griffin who finds himself in a strange place and goes on an exciting adventure accompanied by his teddy bear named Birly. Together, they will bravely explore a wonderful and exciting world, escape from various monsters and solve many mysteries and puzzles.
Here reality and fantasy merge together
Discover a touching story
You don't wake up in an unknown place with a living teddy bear by your side every day, and neither does our boy Griffin. But there he is, at the bottom of a mystery to be solved and at the start of a heartwarming story of two friends waiting to be told.
Explore mysterious world
Griffin finds himself in a dark place haunted by visions of the past, yet there is more to this world than just doom and gloom. Once you have mustered the strength to press onward, you’ll find a fascinating and multifaceted world filled with floating castles and rugged caves, fairytale forests and sunny plains.
Overcome tough challenges
Use Birly's help to solve intricate puzzles and explore the world. You control Griffin directly, but you can also pick up, throw and issue commands to your teddy bear companion to aid your progress.
Welcome to the adventure
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